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Carton 12 Candles
White Candle (7 days)
Candle Eleggua (7 days)
Black Candle (7 days)
Red Candle (7 days)
Candle Saint Lazarus (7 days)
Yellow Candle (7 days)
Candle The Just Judge (7 days)
Green Candle (7 days)
Red Candle of Man and Woman
Candle Saint Michael (7 days)
Black Candle of Woman
Blue Candle (7 days)
Candle Charity of Copper (7 days)
Candle Virgin of Law (7 days)
Candle Saint Barbara (7 days)
black male member
Red male member
Candle Saint Alejo (7 days)
Vela Roja de Hombre (Veladora)
Red Candle of Man
Red Candle of Woman
Candle Saint Judas (7 days)
Candle Our Lady of Mercy (7 days)
Saint Marta Candle
White Candle of Man
White Candle of Woman
White male Member
Candle Virgin of Guadalupe (7 days)
Candle, Child of Antocha (7 days)
Red Candle of Man and WomanSeparate

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