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Elegua Crown
Elegua Crown
Tile of Orisha Oko
Tile of Orisha Oko
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Clay Jar 1

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Our site offers the best services and products available on the world-wide web. We offer more than 4000.00 products for the Lucumi and Yoruba community. As well, we offer information regarding the religion, including articles, pataki and vocabulary Lucumi in addition to the various products available on our site. All information is available in Spanish and English.

El Viejo Lazaro custom makes tools and crowns for Ocha. We sell wholesale and retail for the Lucumi religious community because we practice and observe the customs of Ocha. In addition, Oba Oriate Nelson Hernandez, President of Viejo Lazaro Corporation, is available for spiritual consultations and other religious services.

If you are looking for a product that you do not see on our website, please call 305-269-0045 or contact us at We welcome your comments and questions. Olorun Nagbe Iworo

Santeria is a religious system with Yorubian roots. It was developed by natives who were kidnapped from Africa and forced to work in the sugarcane fields in Cuba and some of the Caribbean Islands. It is a rich hybrid of traditions brought from Africa and mixed with Roman Catholicism and Caribbean lore.

Orishas are considered messengers from the heavens, much like the Judeo-Christian angels. Santerians believe messages are constantly being conveyed from the Orishas. Divinations, sacred rituals, and trances are some of the ways that Santerians contact these messengers. Another ritual they practice is animal sacrifice, which is common in ancient religions.

Santeros are the ordained high priests in Santeria. They have a divine commission to be head over all of the sacred rituals. To become a Santero, individuals spend a lot of time in study and devotion. Older Santeros mentor the initiates through a system of ceremonies and holy tests. New Santeros must prove themselves to be empathetic counselors who are deft in the arts of divination and herbalism. According to their beliefs, only those who are preordained by the Orishas will pass their tests to be a Santero.

Our online store offers the best services and products designed for the Lucumi and Yoruba community for the Santeria Religion. All information is available in Spanish and English on our website. We are an e-commerce site where you can find a wide selection of botanic Santeria supplies. You will also find information such as current articles, Pataki, and Lucumi vocabulary guides. Our website is a premier authority on the Santeria religion in the Florida community.