Santeria in Miami has a large and dedicated following. Devotees have a variety of needs when it comes to worshiping the Orishas. There are many botanicas to fulfill these needs, and Botanica Viejo Lazaro is the most complete botanica in Miami. But first, let’s learn a little more about these divinities.

Getting to know Santeria's divinities

Though there are around 400 Orishas or messenger divinities, only a handful are regularly worshiped. Here is an introduction to a few key Orishas and their parallel saints in Catholicism.

Obatala. He is the creator of many of Santeria’s other divinities, and thus must be treated with respect as a father figure. His color: white, his number: 8, and Our Lady of Mercy is his saint.

Eleggua. He existed before creation and witnessed its birth, so is considered the most important divinity, and the key to all religious practices. He watches over all doors, roads, and crossroads, and he alone allows prayers to reach the other divinities and facilitates divination. His numbers: 21 and 3, his colors: black and red, and Saint Anthony is his saint.

Changó. He is the god of male virility, leadership, fire, thunder, drumming and dancing. His sorcery and spells are powerful. He is known for being assertive, outspoken and charming. His colors: white and red, his numbers: 12 and 6, and Saint Barbara is his saint.

Yemaya. She is among the most powerful of gods, having given birth to the sun, moon, and stars, as well as all the other deities. She controls all water and is considered the mother of all living things. Being a mother, she is fiercely protective of her children and will bring harm to those who try to harm her offspring. Her number: 7, her color: blue, Mary Star of the Sea is her saint.

Osanyin. He is the god of the natural world, and all plants and forests. He is considered the medicine man and devotees go to him for cures for illness. He controls herbalism and healing with plants. His colors: red, yellow and green and Saint Joseph is his saint.

Oshun. She is the youngest of the Orishas and the most popular, being the god of femininity, beauty, love, and sensuality. But don’t underestimate her might, for she has the full power of all womanhood behind her. She is the go-to god for love spells. Her number is 5, her colors: coral, gold, and amber, and sometimes yellow, and Our Lady of Charity is her saint.

Ogun. He is the divinity of weapons, tools, and iron. He is quick to anger and a fierce warrior when it comes to defending his people and fighting injustice. His numbers: 3 and 7, his colors: black and green, and Saint Peter is his saint.

Where to buy Santeria products in Miami

When practicing Santeria in Miami, there are many options for botánicas. All Santeros and Santeras know, many supplies are needed before ceremonies can happen. The local favorite for a botanica in Miami is Botanica Viejo Lazaro. With an extensive online store and a fully stocked retail shop in the Miami area, we offer not just Santeria supplies but Catholic statues, herbs, beads, and candles as well.

Also, they offer explanations and educational information on Santeria and Lucumi religions and instruction on proper use of what they sell, as well as an in-depth look at the Yoruba culture (the root of Santeria) and its long history.

The next time your shopping for Santeria in Miami, shop at Botanica Viejo Lazaro, we have what you need and speak your language.