Miami, Florida is a location that accounts for many different lifestyles, belief systems, and religious practices. One of the most infamous religions stemming from this region is the Santeria religion. This belief system was derived by the Lucumi and Yoruba communities during tough times. These native peoples stem from areas of Nigeria and Cuba. These individuals were enslaved for many years during periods ranging from the early 1500s to the late 1500s. Finding solace, these people developed a religious belief system that would conform to society. The confirmation came from Roman Catholic ties while continuing to implement their own practices. This belief system became known as the Santeria religion and its properties are held intact through the implementation of Botanicas that sell religious goods, artifacts, and other such apparel. Finding a Botanica near you is a simple concept if located in the Miami region of Florida.

Botanica Viejo Lazaro is in Miami, Florida. This Santeria shop specializes in all your Santeria needs. Anything from necklaces to sacred relics is made available to consumers. This space operates both as an in-store location and as an online marketplace. Look no further than Viejo Lazaro for your Santeria needs. If located within this area, a simple "botanica stores near me" search will lead you to our established location. If you are a fair distance away from the home location, try the online store for all your Botanica needs. Below we will detail the products offered at this Santeria location, detailing the certain pieces that you may find interesting.

Original Products Botanica

All of the products housed within the physical store and online marketplace are original. The works depicted on our statues and jewelry define the culture in a positive light, containing markings and other such classical symbolisms. The artists that have designed the pieces for our locations have come at high recommendation and with practiced talents, ensuring the originality contained within each item. This one-of-a-kind approach allows us to offer goods that you will not find anywhere else. These pieces have been specially designed for the individual, holding true to the religious culture and the historical nature of the Santeria religion. 

We do not import our goods or obtain them from the factory setting. This limits the attention to detail concerns and detracts from the visual intrigue of the pieces we provide. We want to immerse our consumers in the rich history that the Santeria religion holds. Duplicating a process can often upset the individuals who practice this religious belief system, so we are committed to producing authentic goods to our consumers. 

Highlighting Individual Goods 

Our inventory spans a wide horizon. We provide anything from Oshua clothing to Mazo necklaces, providing an inventory selection that meets all customer needs. This is a one stop Botanica shop that will meet all the potential needs you may have. Below we'll detail some of the intricate pieces included in our inventory.

Starting with our Mazo necklaces, each of these items contains hand woven fabrics that create the masterpieces housed within our stores. Each thread is intricately woven to the others, producing colorful combinations of artistic representation. The threads are sometimes replaced with an ancient beading tradition, which combines fine movements and combinations to produce separate masterpieces. Each of the styles we offer can accent any clothing option, making them a great fit for daily wear. The strategy utilized brings both toughness and sustainability to these pieces, withstanding the test of time. All of the necklaces located within this space are currently on sale, adding some extra funds to your Santeria bankroll. Accent your attire in an elegant fashion with these Mazo necklaces. 

Adding a little more flare to the discussion, the Orisha crowns add elegance to any collection. These pieces contain a large top that holds many different designs. Anything from a jewel-plastered round top to a beaded masterpiece. Each of these crowns extends chain-linked symbols, which depict some of the ancient history within the Santeria religion. The symbolism usually ties the top to the outer extensions, telling a story that is greater than words. These timely pieces hold the tradition of the Santeria religion to high praise. They can be bestowed upon individuals a keepsake, displayed under a positive light, or worn within Santeria religious practices. The duality that these pieces host only draws more attention to the internal intrigue that they will forever grasp.

The Santeria religion is highly tied to the history of saints and saviors. These individuals were depicted in all sorts of lights, ranging across a wide variety. Botanica Viejo Lazaro offers visual depictions of these individuals through the construction of many different statues. The Virgin of Law was a very powerful being. She ensured the safety and honesty of all individuals. She provides support to those in need, assisting with tasks associated to specific journeys to everyday life concerns. Her status depicts her conquests and shows that any fear should be met with the strength of the body and the mind. Archangel Michael was a great conqueror. He faced foes in many battles, conquering these individuals with the powers presented to him via great spirits and forces. His conquer provides strength and assistance in time of need. He can lead you through the darkness and will help you prevail beyond the tough times. Pope John Paul 2 was an instrumental figure in the Catholic community. He helped spread this religion across foreign territories, creating a sense of unity and defiance few other Popes can claim. The leadership was worshiped and welcomed by those that follow the Santeria religion, bringing him to life with a statue that depicts his honor. This is a small taste of the available status, leaving your patron saints and saints you hold on high as the other choices in our store.

The miscellaneous section brings additional intrigues to the table. This section covers anything from ancient herbs and spices to herbal oils containing healing elements. The herbs and spices area brings both the items used to pay homage to the fallen or place grace upon a new-found believer. These products include peppers, Santeria cigars, and another such likeness. The herbal oils are used to cleanse both the body and soul. Olive oils was a common remedy for aches and pains, It could also be used to spread good fortune and health upon an individual of good standing. Practice the ancient traits and rituals of the Santeria religion with this space for additional items.

Enriching yourself in the great history of the Santeria religion can be done through some light reading. Our book section contains a bevy of novels that detail the history of this religion and highlight aspects of great events and happenings. This section is also loaded with different manuals and ritual guides. They help you learn the ancient secrets to ritual performance and how to host your own performance. There are also language guides that mesh the Spanish language to the dialect of the ancient Yoruba communities. These texts help bring both knowledge and foresight to the user, giving you a glimpse into the time of when this religion was first gaining traction.

One of the most popular figures in the Santeria religion is San Lazaro. He was a leader and a force for the people to follow and call upon. San Lazaro Santeria is important to followers of this culture, due to the powers this individual held and the influence he created. His stance upon areas of the most highprovide for him to be a figure for the Yoruba people. His presence and imagery can be found in prevalence across our site and home locations. Figures, pictures, and other such depictions are provided so the user can host his presence in their home or place of worship.


 When looking for Botanicas near me or Botanica stores near me, look no further than Botanica Viejo Lazaro. This online and in-store provider brings all sorts of Santeria goods to the user. The availability of the products spans a large inventory, ensuring your ability to obtain any goods in quick fashion. This Miami space represents the largest botanica around, so look no further than the Viejo Lazaro brand. Both the online store and home locations carry all of the elements mentioned today. These mentions only touch on the specifics available, so browsing for additional items can be done via the online space.