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Oshún, the most beautiful one among the beautiful , pleased herself by walking in the wilderness. She sang and played with the animals whose fierceness she tamed; not even the scorpion would sting her. One day Oggún, the untiring blacksmith who lives in the deep forest, saw her come by and felt her heart reach out to him. Impetuous and brutal, he ran towards his desire, determined to possess it. Oshún, who was enamored with Changó, fled frightened.  Agile as a deer in its desperate race, she crossed the green watercress fields of Orisha-Oko, the one whom assures the fecundity the Earth. But Oggún, inflamed and violent with desire, was about to be within reach of her. It was then that Oshún, desperate, dove into the river. Dragged by the eddy of the current, she arrived at the opening  place where one encounters the powerful Yemayá, mother of all orishas. Out of compassion for her, Yemayá brought her under her  protection, and gave the river to her in which to live. In order to cheer her up, she covered her with jewels, corales and infinite wealth. Because of this, Oshún lives in the river and loves Yemayá so much.